Come Sail Away!

Borrowed Time: The Music of STYX at Suncadia, WABorrowed Time: The Music of Styx hails from Seattle, Washington. They perform the greatest hits of the legendary band STYX. Not a look alike act, but a rocking and melodic band that faithfully recreates the magic of Styx classics like "Come Sail Away", "Renegade", "Fooling Yourself", "Lady", "Grand Illusion", "Miss America", "Mr. Roboto" and so many more classic songs. If you're a Styx fan, we think you'll like what you hear. If you're not a Styx fan, the band will win you over with their sense of humor and musical chops. Borrowed Time: The Music of Styx's live shows are filled with great renditions of familiar Styx songs and are also infused with the enthusiasm and humor of the band's personalities. Quite simply, Borrowed Time: The Music of Styx WILL entertain you.

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The Music of STYX

Hang on a sec....we KNOW what a few of you might be thinking.... "Styx's music was all ballads, man. I wanna ROCK!"
The fact is, Styx was one of the most versatile bands of the 70s and 80s, which is one of the main reasons their albums sold so well. "Ballads", "Hard Rock", "Progressive", "Anthemic", and of course "Theatrical" are all terms one could use to describe the Music of Styx. Below is a list of songs that Borrowed Time covers - bet ya you remember most of them... BY THE WAY - We ENCOURAGE you go buy these albums! Click on the album covers to purchase from Amazon!

1972- "Styx II"

Styx II
" Lady"

1975- "Equinox"

Styx Equinox

Light Up
Suite Madame Blue

1976- "Crystal Ball"
Styx Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball

1977- "The Grand Illusion"
Styx The Grand Illusion

The Grand Illusion
Fooling Yourself
Come Sail Away
Miss America
Man In The Wilderness
Castle Walls

1978- "Pieces of Eight"
Styx Piece of Eight

Sing for the Day
Blue Collar Man

1980- "Cornerstone"
Styx Cornerstone

Boat on the River
Borrowed Time

1981- "Paradise Theatre"
Styx Paradise Theatre

AD 1928/Rockin The Paradise
Too Much Time On My Hands
The Best of Times

1983- "Kilroy Was Here"
Styx Kilroy Was Here

Mr. Roboto

Who is Borrowed Time: The Music of Styx?

Borrowed Time: The Music of Styx at Auburn Avenue TheatreFormed in 2010, Borrowed Time: The Music of STYX has performed throughout Washington State. They're staples at such great casinos as Tulalip Resort Casino, Emerald Downs Racetrack and Casino, and Little Creek Casino. The band also loves to perform at local theatres including The Chalet Theatre and The Auburn Avenue Theatre. When Summer (FINALLY) arrives in Washington, you can find Borrowed Time: The Music of Styx performing at city festivals and outdoor events statewide including A Taste of Edmonds, Des Moines Beach Summer Concert Series, Chehalis Music in the Park, and The Mill Creek Festival (to name but a few). In fact, their first show together was at Issaquah's Salmon Days. Read on to learn more about each member.
Arny BaileyARNY BAILEY: Lead Vocals (Tommy Shaw), Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards
ARNY cut his vocal chops on everything from early country to Led Zeppelin. His seemingly limitless vocal range and multi-instrumentalist abilities have allowed him to play when and where he'd like. ARNY used his vocal and guitar skills with The Grand Delusion (Styx Tribute) and Highway Run (Journey Tribute) over the last few years. He was the leader of local favorites "About Face" and lead singer for "The Rockefellers". ARNY really nails the vocal sound of Styx’s Tommy Shaw and has earned the nickname “The Shaw of Tommy” by his local fan base. You can hear ARNY on great Styx songs like “Renegade”, “Fooling Yourself”, and “Too Much Time On My Hands”. ARNY performs in a few local bands including Third Stage: A Tribute to Boston, Kings of Hollywood Eagles Tribute, Just One Look A Tribute to Linda Ronstadt, and WingsNThings: The Music of Paul McCartney.
Bryan Woolley BRYAN WOOLLEY: Lead Vocals (Dennis DeYoung), Bass
YES, we realize Dennis DeYoung never played bass. Once you hear BRYAN sing Dennis' parts, you'll get it. We promise! More importantly, you wouldn't want to hear him on the keys! BRYAN has been a fixture in Seattle bands for most of his life and since 1998 has been the lead singer and front man of the popular Casino/Corporate/Club/Festival band "The Machine". Taking the vocal part of Dennis DeYoung was a natural for BRYAN as his operatic vocal style captures the essence of DeYoung's signature voice that has been heard on such great Styx classics as "Lady", "Come Sail Away", and "Babe". Along with vocalist ARNY BAILEY, BRYAN fronts Borrowed Time: The Music of Styx and between he and ARNY, they keep things fun for the band and audience while hitting dead-on performance of Styx's main vocalists. BRYAN performs in a few local bands including Third Stage: A Tribute to Boston, WingsNThings: The Music of Paul McCartney, and The Machine.
Michael Hards MICHAEL HARDS: Lead Vocals (James "JY" Young), Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin

MICHAEL is a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, keyboards, mandolin and bass) and vocalist that has been playing the Seattle circuit for many years. He spent 14 years with the Top 40 band Chain Reaction and is currently in the band Idol Eyez playing and arranging. He studied music at Cornish College of the Arts and Edmonds Community College, keeping his focus on music theory and electronic music production. Styx has always been one of his favorite bands, loving the progressive rock feel and the great songwriting. His channeling of “JY’s” growling guitar and vocal is a perfect fit for this already strong line up. MICHAEL performs in a few local bands including PsuedoTramp (Supertramp tribute), and Invisible Touch (Phil Collins Tribute).
David Shore MARTY HOYLE: Keyboards,Vocals

MARTY Hoyle was born in Seattle, WA., He began playing piano at the age of fifteen and soon after studied music theory and was influenced by the playing styles of Billy Preston, Nicky Hopkins, and Max Middleton. Marty has performed with many of the Pacific Northwest’s best groups, and singer/songwriters. He continues working as a session keyboardist with rock and country artists in the Seattle area. Marty performed on Roger Fisher of (Heart, Alias) recent albums Heart of the Blues and All Told, in which the latter included musicians from iconic groups Heart and Yes. Marty considers it a blessing to perform the band Medicine Hat over the last eight years. He has shared the stage in supporting roles, opening for Boston, Blue Oyster Cult, Foghat, Ambrosia, Jefferson Starship, The Little River Band, Edgar Winter, Firefall, Pat Travers, and The Atlanta Rhythm Section. Covering the Styx catalog of music is a real joy. It brings back great memories from the 1970’s.
Marc Montagnino MARC MONTAGNINO: Drums

Quickly becoming one of the most in demand drummers in the Seattle area, MARC has been involved in the Seattle music scene for over 20 years, contributing his drumming and vocal talents towards a multitude of local bands and music projects, including Beyond the Fringe, Max Axle, Tony La Stella's Wise Guys, and WingsNThings: The Music of Paul McCartney. His ability to play a wide variety of drumming styles as well as his eclectic combination of powerful precision, vocal abilities and stage presence has earned MARC a successful place in the local music industry as one of Puget Sound's most versatile and talented drummers. MARC brings his own unique talents to Borrowed Time: The Music of Styx. Marc performs in a few local bands including Third Stage: A Tribute to Boston, WingsNThings: The Music of Paul McCartney, The Kings of Hollywood Eagles Tribute, Invisible Touch (Phil Collins Tribute) and Just One Look A Tribute to Linda Ronstadt... and so many more that this author can't keep track!


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STYX and DENNIS DEYOUNG have ZERO to do with this band. We are just HUGE fans of their stuff. Photos of the albums are used in Tribute not for ANY fincanical gain. By the way, have you SEEN those guys? THEY ROCK!